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UDO Design was founded with the aim of highlighting and illuminating playful and unifying spaces. For each of the projects we work on, artistic, architectural, urban or corporate, we make you discover animated atmospheres that will make you travel throughout your journey. We animate places, events, objects so that they become unforgettable experiences.

Our hybrid team of several collaborators leads us to offer many skills and expertise for a creativity suited for your needs.

Why we do it?

To offer illuminated, fun, interactive and participatory experiences to bring happiness to people's lives by changing the perception of spaces.

How we do it?

By having fun, being innovative, and especially putting oneself in people's shoes.

Who are we doing it with?

With people passionate about architecture, urban space, design, landscapes, nature, light, music, archeology, arts, sciences, gatherers, builders ...  People who are passionate about people.

For whom we are doing it?

For the little ones, the young and the old, you, me ... In short, for all!


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